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Juhtmevaba sissesireen EX-FW2-Vesta

It is the ideal two way wireless indoor sounder for your premises particularly if outdoor sounders are prohibited or if extra intrusion alert is required.

Fully standalone, this sounder is cable free installation and do not require any AC power.

The sounder’s two-way communication maintains continual supervised communication with the control panel.



Modulation Type


Frequency Band

868-869MHz / 916-917MHZ


Unique ID serial number – 24 bit


LED during transmission and Activation

Range in open space


Sound Pressure Level

More than 100dB

Siren Tone


Frequency Range

2700 ±500 Hz

Current consumption

Standby: 110uA ±10uA@ Battery operation Alarm: Average: 400mA @ Battery operation. Max: 600mA peak@ Battery operation.

Power Supply current limitation

Up to 1A

Maximum Power

Average :3W

Siren Alarm Period

2 min/15 min (According the status of Dipswitch#4)

Low Battery Level


Low Battery Indication

LED Flash @ Arm/Disarm (According the status of Dipswitch 2&3)

Arm/Disarm Indication

LED Flash : Arm-1, Disarm-3

LED Flash with Beeps : Arm-1, Disarm-3 (According the status of

Dipswitch 2&3)


Sync signal every 1 min.

Tamper Switch

Normally Closed.

After power up the Tamper will activate only after the second opening and then Activate the Piezo for 2 min or till reset by the C.P.

Power Supply Voltage

1 x Lithium battery 3.6V / Size D

Battery Life

Up to 5 years (Based on 2 min Piezo operation/month)


External Box: ABS. (2mm thick).

Operating temperature

-10°C  to  +55°C


155mm x 100mm x 48mm

Weight  (Without Battery)

1 Kg

Juhtmevaba sissesireen EX-FW2-Vesta

149,00 €Price
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