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Süvistatav kaardilugeja/reader MATRIX CP-Z-2L

Süvistatav kaardilugeja MATRIX CP-Z-2L

MATRIX CP-Z-2L kaardilugeja(125 kHz) HID ProxCard II, EM Marine. -30 to 40

°C. Loeb kaarte kuni 6-14cm kauguselt.

Compact CP-Z 2L Surface RFID reader


Compact CP-Z 2L Surface RFID reader is designed for using in the network and standalone access control systems. CP-Z 2L Surface RFID reader supports EM Marine 125KHz keys and connects to the controllers via iButton (1-Wire) or Wiegand-26 protocol.

CP-Z 2L Surface reader is made of mechanically durable and fire-resistant material and repeats the shape of the iButton contactors for DS1990/DS1996 contact keys. It's allows use CP-Z 2L Surface reader in ACS products or independently instead of traditional iButton contactors for contact keys without any design changes or mounting difficulties. It's give you following benefits:

  • Additional RFID technology services and functionality.
  • Advantages of contactless door opening (without taking the key out of your pocket or wallet).
  • Wide choice of RFID keys of various shapes and colors and ability to apply unique logo on the keys.


  • Purpose - ACS reader
  • Operating frequency - 125 KHz
  • Key types - RFID (Proximity)
  • Reader standard - EM Marine
  • Reader protocol - iButton (1-Wire), Wiegand-26
  • RFID reading range (cm) - 2–6
  • Keypad - No
  • Anti-vandal case - Yes
  • Waterproof and dustproof case - Yes
  • Keys copying protection - No

Süvistatav kaardilugeja/reader MATRIX CP-Z-2L

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