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Your home is in your pocket

Communicator Series G16

G16 series communicators integrate easily with any intruder alarm panel. They can transmit events both to Central Monitoring Station, and to user‘s mobile phones with Protegus apps or SMS messages. Communicators can Arm/Disarm the alarm system. And they have outputs to remotely control heating, AC, gates or other equipment.


Simple home automation

With 5 programmable outputs and up to 10 temperature sensors, lighting, heating, gates and other electronics can be controlled conveniently from distance.

Advantage: Convenience to operate your home automation system from the distance


Control panel SP231

Grade 3 security control panel with 8-32 zones, 8 partitions, 5 PGMs and an integrated GSM communicator with features for both users, installers and security companies.



Every alarm system is compatible

You will be able to offer Protegus to any customer, no matter what alarm system he has. Use TRIKDIS communicators to connect any alarm panel to Protegus.


Remote-control the alarm system

With the app, customers will see their alarm system status and will be able to arm/disarm it remotely.