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Paradox DG467 Digitaalne IP andur

Paradox DG467 Digitaalne IP andur, 360°, 7m x 6m paigalduskõrgusel 2.4m, 11m x 6m

paigalduskõrgusel 3.7m,Dual Element, -20 to 50 °C


Paradox DG467 Ceiling Mounted Digital Motion Detector


The Paradox DG467 is a ceiling mounted (vertical view), 360 degree digital motion detector. It features both multiplex mode (COMBUS communication) for Paradox EVO systems, and conventional relay operation mode for compatibility with any alarm system.

Mouting HeightCoverage
2.4m (8ft)7m x 6m (24ft x 20ft)
3.7m (12ft)11m x 6m (35ft x 20ft)


  • Two operational modes (multiplex for Digiplex & EVO, or conventional relay operation)
  • Dual opposed element sensor
  • Digital Detection
  • 360° viewing angle

Paradox DG467 Digitaalne IP andur

SKU: 21730201-1567
42,50 €Price
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