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Paradox GS250 juhtmevaba kiirendusandur

Paradox GS250 juhtmevaba kiirendusandur

GS250 Juhtmevaba kiirendusandur. Kolmeteljeline ( x , y , z); Reguleeritav

tundlikus; Lühike liikumine 1-3 s; Pikaajaline liikumine 3-5 s; kuni 100m

0 to 50 °C

Sobilik Paradox valvsüsteemide keskseadmetele MG5000

/ MG5050  koos RTX3 -ga;


Paradox GS250 | Gpower Wireless Multi-axis Detector


  • Three-axis (X, Y, and Z axis) accelerometer detection
  • Adjustable sensitivity for any installation (additional grace periodof up to four seconds can be added):

- Short movement (High-security) = 1 to 3-seconds
- Long movement (Standard-security) = 3 to 5-seconds

  • Long battery life (2 years with two detections per week)
  • Low battery and RF supervision
  • Dual-tamper detection for removal or opening of the device
  • Power saving mode (conserves battery life)

Paradox GS250 juhtmevaba kiirendusandur

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