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Paradox PCS250 GSM/GPRS/IP 2G kommunikaator

Paradox kommunikaator PCS250 GSM/GPRS/IP 2G

PCS250 GSM/GPRS/IP 2G kommunikaator. Helistamine ja

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häälsõnumeid kuni 5 erinevale numbrile. Väliantenni kasutamiseks vajalik GSM

Pigtail MMCX/SMA. Võimaldab ühendada valvekeskusega läbi Insite Gold ja/või

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Paradox PCS250G
GPRS/GSM Communicator Module
Supports SWAN Server

The PCS250G GPRS Communicator Module, leverages the GPRS data channel to provide wireless communication solutions for Paradox control panels. It offers reliable and fast communication between properties and their respective monitoring stations, the PCS250G is the vital link that keeps you connected.

Using cellular networks, the PCS250G reports to the monitoring station's automation software via GPRS, ensuring that all communication is fast, reliable, and stable. The PCS250G can be used as a backup to a traditional landline, or as a primary communicator where no landline is available. It also adds remote home control capabilities to a system, allowing you to arm/disarm with a simple text message (SMS). Feel safe by taking control of your system, wherever you are.

With its contemporary design, and a modern hi-tech finish, the PCS250G GPRS Communicator Module enables Paradox systems to be remotely controlled, continuously monitored, and reliably connected at all times.

  • Compact, sleek design
  • Instant notification of panel supervision loss
  • Easily arm/disarm the system via SMS
  • Report alarms by text messages to up to 16 cellular phone numbers
  • Simple installation with 4-wire serial connection
  • Supports 2 GSM provider SIM cards for provider redundancy
  • Tamper switch support
  • Optional rod antenna can be installed up to 18m (60ft) from the module using optional antenna cable extensions depending on the local signal strength
  • In GPRS mode, messages are secured with 128-bit (MD5) and 256-bit (AES) encryption
  • Certification: EN 50136 ATS 5 Class II, Certification Body Intertek



Paradox PCS250 GSM/GPRS/IP 2G kommunikaator

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